Bloon Tower Defence is an attractive game

The game called Bloons Tower Defence is a succession of related games invented by Ninja Kiwi. The game was first started as a browser game which could be accessed on Adobe Flash platform and issued in 2007. Later the games in the successive series spread out to various mobiles, having various accesses in Android, IOS, windows phone, play station etc. Bloons Tower Defence 5 was issued for circulation in 2011 with ameliorated applied visual arts based on the illustration and added improvisations, tracks, towers and Bloon types. The above-mentioned game has to be played with balloons against monkeys and the player has to play based on the traditional opponent method.

bloons tower

In this game, the player has to fight with the monkeys. The player has to construct towers to throw small narrow pointed missiles and unfasten all types of additional special missile guns. The player might get a wrong idea by seeing the wonderful constructions set up for balloons to appear suddenly, that the monkeys have a better chance to win. But the player should not be wrongly guided by the number of balloons that just keep on appearing suddenly on the battleground. The player has to utilize his tower sites and he has to shoot maximum balloons in 50 levels of the game.

The main aim of the bloons Tower Defence is to stop the balloons known in the game as ‘Bloons’ from arriving at the end of a defined path on a map which contains one or more entries and exits for the Bloons. It is a tower defence game and the player can opt for various kinds of towers and traps to keep it on the path to protect himself from the Bloons ,attaining extra points for the disappearance of a balloon .The Bloons travel on the path set on the map till they arrive at the end or gets burst suddenly. It is easy to download the game at

bloons tower

In some variant forms of the game, the Bloons own special powers to withstand the different kinds of towers. At each stage of the game the power of the balloons to move freely increases. The place of defence is the principal protection that can be utilized in the Bloons Tower Defence series of games… Each place of defence has their own remarkable fixed objectives, power to be utilized against targeted Bloons. Every place of defence can be improved to increase efficiency by sending the currency of the game popularl called  ‘money’ which is got by bursting balloons and finishing at each stage.

In the games of Bloons Tower Defence 4 and Bloons Tower Defence 5, some places of defence can be positioned to get extra money. There are at present six types of games in the Bloon Tower Defence series added to the list of add-on packs and spin-offs such as Bloons Tower Defence 4 Expansion and Bloons Monkey city. Bloons Tower Defence is the first game in the successive series of the game in which the players have to protect themselves against different coloured Bloons with monkeys throwing missile guns and also other places of defence situated around the map. When strong balloons are burst others remove the obstructions of the weaker balloons till there is a total burst of all the balloons.


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